An Open Letter to the Girl who Always Becomes the Second Option
the moon speaks volumes,
as its light shines dimly on the black canvas,
the stars whisper ten thousand words that I can't grasp,
but my pages still remain untouched,
and I'm  lost in this constellation,
floating in spaces ,
and drowning in moon dust,
as my mind travels to find words. 


This is my second poem on this blog but i didn’t really title the first one, so this is the official first poem.I have not posted in a while and I am sorry but I am working on a schedule that will allow me to have an exact blog posting day.

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 I have reduced myself to pieces,
fragments of self,
gotten lost in the maybes, what ifs and i wish,
I have fumbled through this heavy darkness...
reliving and rehearsing every part of me,
I  have dreamt up grandiose fantasies,
and soaked my eyes in them,
until my today's have all blurred into an abstract mirage,
I have tried to be everything for myself and forgotten,
to be here today,
 to be tangible today, 
to be present.

What I have Been Doing This Quarantine#1

I will not lie this quarantine took a huge toll on me when it begun.As a person who tends to mentally pre organize every single day of the week ,this wasn’t easy at all.The first like around two weeks i was so unproductive and unmotivated.And one of the things that helped me get out of that rut was music.Honestly i didn’t believe that music is actually therapeutic, but thanks to quarantine i now know.I am going to share some of the few songs i have been listening to that i honestly hope you enjoy.

1.Opaline by Novo Omor

Novo Amors music is just everything beautiful to be honest.This song is his latest and i am completely obsessed with it.His music is so poetic and beautiful and you should just listen to this song and his other songs.

2. So my Darling by Rachel Chinouriri

This song is the most emotional song i have heard this quarantine.And i cried when i first listened to it and i still cry every time i listen to it.I highly recommend it!!

3.Messages from her by Sabrina Claudio

This is also a very deep and emotional song. And at first i didn’t really understand it until i looked up the meaning and the comment section, and as predicted i fell in love with it.

4.Brighter days by Sauti Sol

I simply love Sauti Sol they have come so far and are still going places.They released a new album Midnight Train , and this is my favorite song.

5. Days done by by Hillsong

I actually discovered this song way before this pandemic started but it has been on constant repeat this quarantine.And her voice is also amazing.

These are not all the songs i have been listening to but they are among my favorites.


This is my first ever blog post and to be honest i have been stressing over what i should write to make a good first impression…anyways after days of procrastination i was finally able to figure it out.It is a poem that i wrote…and here it goes,

I am learning to embrace,to embrace my beautiful yet chaotic becoming,
i am learning to call myself home, and to know and accept that home is not perfect,
i am fully owning my   becoming,
and i am starting to take up space and without any apologies,
i am showing up for myself more
and damn right i am hyping myself
cause it is my becoming and mine alone.

I hope you had a good read.