An Open Letter to the Girl who Always Becomes the Second Option
the moon speaks volumes,
as its light shines dimly on the black canvas,
the stars whisper ten thousand words that I can't grasp,
but my pages still remain untouched,
and I'm  lost in this constellation,
floating in spaces ,
and drowning in moon dust,
as my mind travels to find words. 


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 I have reduced myself to pieces,
fragments of self,
gotten lost in the maybes, what ifs and i wish,
I have fumbled through this heavy darkness...
reliving and rehearsing every part of me,
I  have dreamt up grandiose fantasies,
and soaked my eyes in them,
until my today's have all blurred into an abstract mirage,
I have tried to be everything for myself and forgotten,
to be here today,
 to be tangible today, 
to be present.